Thursday, January 2, 2014

~Time Flies~

Wow already day 2 of the new year.  Hubby and I had a quiet one this year...can you tell were getting old.  I hope your New Year was a safe and happy one. 
 My facebook page is going wonderful which is probably why I am hopeless at posting on here.  Even though I am not working (the paid variety) there never seems to be enough hours in a day.  I am studying again (Community Services) and try to do that for at least 3 hours a day and there is the housework, gardening and fb and the day goes past quite quickly. 
Pinterest is my other love and its good because it is actually stopping me from hoarding in RL.  I can collect everything I love in images and it satifies the need to own it all.  I still manage to loose many hours in the looking and pinning though.  Pinterest has opened my eyes to so much and as a recent comment on one of my pictures of my home mentioned....that we can live on different sides of the world and have never met and yet have such similar tastes. 
 I dont watermark my images and I always love seeing them pop up on others very humbling to think your style of decorating is good enough that others like it too.  However recently on two totally differnt pages I have found my photo with 2 other peoples watermark on it claiming it as theirs.  This did make me very angry.  Why would they try and claim something that they know is not theirs....I just don't get it.  I have shared thousands of images on my fb page and I am always very very careful to not claim or insinuate in any shape or form that I own the images posted and always provide a link or name of ownership or at least where I have found it if a link isnt available.  I actually love it when someone claims ownership of the images I post because then I can credit them  and 99% of the time people love it when I share their photo's because like me they find it humbling that others think their home is good enough for sharing.  
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oh and Happy New Year ...may 2014 be everything you want and more xx