Tuesday, September 10, 2013

~25 Years~

Today is mine and hubby's 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary.....and this is the first in quite a few years I have remembered.  We are not big on celebrating anything...but seeing as this one is a milestone we thought we would do something so we are going out to dinner and then probably later in the month we might stay at the beach for a couple of days. It wont be any longer than that as we have 7 furbabies and numerous birds who depend on us and to be honest I always get a little homesick when I am away.  Our 28 years together have been anything but smooth.....we have had a few quite bad patches but we have managed to get through those and came back stronger.   But I will let you in on our secret for a successful marriage......are you ready.....if you can commit to this you will never have problems again........it wont be easy.....nothing good ever is......ok......here it is........Have Separate TV Rooms!!!!     Best thing we ever did...he can flick til his heart content from sport channel to sport channel and I can watch whatever movie or show that takes my fancy from every tear jerker to musical I want....Ta Da!

Here are a few vintage Anniversary cards I found on pinterest

                                      How cute is this idea...would make a gorgeous wedding gift!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

~Walking Wounded~

Two weeks ago I had a mole removed from the bottom of my foot of all places and while it was tiny...the cut I now have is at least 8x the size and its location just slightly under and on the side of my foot where it bends.  As someone who has moles removed all the time I expected to breeze through this minor surgery with a sore foot for a week and then back to normal...well two weeks later its infected and the stitched busted open and on doctors advice they are leaving it open to drain and heal and I am on antibiotics and hobbling around in pain.  Not what I envisioned thats for sure.  My house looks like a bomb hit it as hubby is not much help as he is still doing physio for a shoulder reconstruction and well I have yet to see the dogs pick up a broom lol.  The robo vaccuum is doing overtime and will no doubt want a raise....the stool next to the sink will start growing if it has to stay there any longer and the wash basket has seen empty for two weeks ....but the thing I miss most is not going for a my 4km walk 3 times a week with my girlfriend.  I feel like my butt has grown an extra foot wider from all the sitting and the scales are definitely screaming at me...1 person at a time!!
I am even starting to miss housework...and I never thought I would ever say that.  Hope it heals soon :)

Flowers from my daughter

Saturday, September 7, 2013

~Pink Saturday~

~ Wow I cant remember the last time I participated in a Pink Saturday.  Life has been full of so much drama that I forgot to enjoy some of the  simple things like a Pink Saturday.  So as always thank you to the host who is always there every Saturday Beverley from How Sweet The Sound for a place to share all that is pink in this world.  ✿•*¨`*•. (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) .•*¨`*•✿

I hope you enjoy a few of the pinks from my home...and Happy Pink Saturday

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

~Adoption Update~

Well I finally spoke to my mum in person today about the adoption and she is still more concerned with who told me rather than answer my questions.  It was hers and my dads belief that I never ever find out until after they were gone.  Why I dont know....as far as I am concerned they are my parents...they are the ones who raised fed me and clothed me.  Sure I am angry and annoyed that they didnt respect me enough to tell me the truth on reaching adulthood.  I have said my piece and will no longer bring it up with her, but neither will I let anyone tell me my that although I never grew up with my sister ...that she isn't my sister...this is one case where blood is thicker than water and I want to cherish every bit of contact with her.  It wont make up for the unknown years but feels good in my heart knowing she is out there.  It would seem I will never have contact with the other siblings although another has joined fb recently and we have exchanged messages, but I think that will be the limit of that.  .
 This journey was never about upsetting anyone...it was a quest of answers, of finding my beginnings and my heritage....of which I forgot to tell you...I am of Dutch blood.  Not sure what that means to me yet as I little to nothing of anything Dutch.  Well that covers my birth mums nationality but as I can find no answers, or should I say no straight answers about my paternal father.  One minute he is Australian and the next he is American.  That I assume will always remain a mystery my birth mum will take to her grave.
This is the last of this chapter until such time as I meet my sister in person.....and that may take a while as finances and health are two issues in the way of that happening any time soon.
Family is important whether blood or not but secrets left untold can fester and the truth always comes out in the end....no matter what.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Feeling a little pleased with myself this morning. I have been trying to add my pinterest badge to my blog for two days and it just hasn't worked. I have a very good understanding of HTML code but for the life of me I couldn't get it to work. Long story short the light bulb went on this morning and it worked. Now after all that effort I hope you will pop over and check out the 40,000 plus pictures I have pinned. Did I mention I am a little bit obsessive lol. Pinning has saved me a fortune on decorating....after all the thrill of the hunt is the acquiring and all I need to do is pin it and the want/need is suppressed. Pinning is a great way to waste a few hours or more or just lose track of time altogether. Anyway I hope you will check out my pinterest (just click that link) and dont forget my FB page also which is just about sharing all the gorgeous piccies I pin in a different media lol.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

~Dads Day in Australia~

Normally today we would be heading over to my brothers and sister in laws to share a lovely lunch with them, my mum & dad, my son & his girlfriend and my grandson and my daughter and of course my two nephews.  But my heart just isn't in it this year as it is my first fathers day without my dad.  Instead we are having a quiet dinner here for my daughter, son and his family.  Everyday I miss him and everyday I think of him.  But today I just want to wish Happy Fathers Day to my hubby, my son and all the dads out there.