Saturday, February 22, 2014

~Paint Mine Pink~

Its a little cool here today....I think summer has just up and left.  I like each of the seasons, but usually by the end of them I am ready for the next.  The good thing about the cooler months is a get to do alot more sewing.  This week I made a sweet little ruffled market bag....thats not quite finished rosettes if thats what you can call them are just sitting there...I am not sure I am happy with them yet....I do not have much luck making them....they never look right to me....they always just look like a bit of fabric rolled up and then stuck on and called a rose.
  My op shop finds for the week are a sweet little  mannequin which is an actual candle holder that was yesterday black and today pink, and a gorgeous milk glass goblet only I am not sure it is a goblet as it has four ridges on the inside so if anyone knows what is was designed for I would love to know.
Thank you for dropping to by check out my pink pretties and thank you to the lovely Beverly from How Sweet The Sound. for being host as always

~Ruffled Market Bag~

~Just some blocks I have been working on.....also not finished~

~Sweet Pink Mannequin~

     ~Milk Glass Goblet?~           

                                                              ~Roses from my garden~


Sunday, February 16, 2014


         ~Not of the alien kind but of the unfinished projects kind.  My imagination is running over much so I am having trouble sleeping.  I start a project then another comes to mind so I draw that up and start that and this is happening over and over again.  I am planning on doing a local Market here before Mothers Day so I am planning items that are not time consuming nor expensive but still pack the wow factor and of course its all in Shabby pastels.  Not only is my imagination going overload on items to make but on the packaging too.......I never do anything by halves.  I know myself if something is packaged pretty it has got my attention even before I have had a chance to look at the item...and cost is important too......its no point making something and then adding a price that is so high you price yourself out of the market.  I just want to see people liking what I create.....thats what makes it worth while to me~ 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

~Pink Saturday~

~Nearly forgot to do my Pink Saturday glad I didn't cause I made "Most Clicks" last week.  This week wont be nearly as exciting I'm afraid...however it will be pink.   So here is my little gumball machine all pink and pretty....although it did have a big RED Jelly bean painted on it and that took me forever to scratch off with a razor and I still have to find the perfect decal to put in the place of the label.  My other share today is not pink but pretty BLUE Chantilly Lace Milk and Sugar bowl set with tray from my local Salvo store.
     Happy  PINK Saturday and thank you to Beverley from How Sweet The Sound for hosting.

~Sweet little bird I found during the week~

~Chantilly Lace~

Thursday, February 6, 2014

~New Tab for Tutorials~

I have just added a tab for tutorials and my first one is the suitcase makeover.  I hope you can understand it.


.......I am back from Melbourne and I have finally met my sister and my brother.  
We decided to meet in a pub for lunch and as always I was early.  The waitress led me to a table with 10 seats.  If I wasn't nervous before I was now.   I very nearly got up and left but at that precise moment my sister Michelle (no 1) arrived with her partner.....and it was good.  I think because we had talked lots on the phone I knew what to expect kind of .  Chatting was easy and we did a lot of note comparing trying to figure out where I fit into the family dynamics.   Janelle (Michelle's daughter) was the next to arrive so we enjoyed lunch while chatting.  Michelle (no 1) informed me my brother David was coming but would be late due to work commitments.  While excited to meet him I was also very nervous as I had not spoken to him at all......but I nothing to worry about....he is adorable.  He is my baby brother and I couldn't have asked for a more sweeter,  accepting  person than him.  He bought with him his 12 year old son, Jack who is also a delight.  
I spent nearly 4 hours with them and it was a wonderful day.  I left feeling loved and on cloud nine that these gorgeous people are my siblings.  I still have another 3 siblings (Michelle no 3, Tammy and Peter)I hope to meet, but if I don't its ok.  My journey was never about upsetting or hurting anyone so I am very grateful for the love and acceptance Michelle (no 1) and David have shown me....and I think I am more than lucky because I have 3 families who love adopted family, my family and my birth family.

This is my brother David,  me (in the middle) and my sister Michelle.