Thursday, February 6, 2014


.......I am back from Melbourne and I have finally met my sister and my brother.  
We decided to meet in a pub for lunch and as always I was early.  The waitress led me to a table with 10 seats.  If I wasn't nervous before I was now.   I very nearly got up and left but at that precise moment my sister Michelle (no 1) arrived with her partner.....and it was good.  I think because we had talked lots on the phone I knew what to expect kind of .  Chatting was easy and we did a lot of note comparing trying to figure out where I fit into the family dynamics.   Janelle (Michelle's daughter) was the next to arrive so we enjoyed lunch while chatting.  Michelle (no 1) informed me my brother David was coming but would be late due to work commitments.  While excited to meet him I was also very nervous as I had not spoken to him at all......but I nothing to worry about....he is adorable.  He is my baby brother and I couldn't have asked for a more sweeter,  accepting  person than him.  He bought with him his 12 year old son, Jack who is also a delight.  
I spent nearly 4 hours with them and it was a wonderful day.  I left feeling loved and on cloud nine that these gorgeous people are my siblings.  I still have another 3 siblings (Michelle no 3, Tammy and Peter)I hope to meet, but if I don't its ok.  My journey was never about upsetting or hurting anyone so I am very grateful for the love and acceptance Michelle (no 1) and David have shown me....and I think I am more than lucky because I have 3 families who love adopted family, my family and my birth family.

This is my brother David,  me (in the middle) and my sister Michelle.