Sunday, February 16, 2014


         ~Not of the alien kind but of the unfinished projects kind.  My imagination is running over much so I am having trouble sleeping.  I start a project then another comes to mind so I draw that up and start that and this is happening over and over again.  I am planning on doing a local Market here before Mothers Day so I am planning items that are not time consuming nor expensive but still pack the wow factor and of course its all in Shabby pastels.  Not only is my imagination going overload on items to make but on the packaging too.......I never do anything by halves.  I know myself if something is packaged pretty it has got my attention even before I have had a chance to look at the item...and cost is important too......its no point making something and then adding a price that is so high you price yourself out of the market.  I just want to see people liking what I create.....thats what makes it worth while to me~