Saturday, January 17, 2015

~Pinterest.....a Hoarders Dream~

~I am a hoarder.....there I said it out loud!   
       I grew up in a time where we didnt have much, and what we did have was either a gift or a family hand me down.  We had bought stuff too but it was chosen with great care for durability more than looks.  Christmas and birthdays were a one gift item and often of the pratical nature and not for fun.  Nothing was thrown out if it was still usuable...often passed along to the next person to get their use from it.  Thats how I became the family hoarder......from the time I moved out of home my mother would pass things onto me with the words......   "don't you throw that out!"  So here I am ...50 something still hanging onto all the "Don't you throw it outs"  I did learn at a young age that all those pieces often came with a story of how they became in mums pocession, so as well as becoming a hoarder I also learned to love those vintage pieces and the history that went with them.  
    Thats what  started my buying of lovely old pretty pieces of other peoples longer content with my own I wanted more....and so it continued until cupboards were brimming over with pretty vintage china, , linens, cutlery, pictures, dolls, sewing name it...I probably have it.  With each of these pieces my love for all things old grew and a new appreciation of a bygone era was formed.  I not only bought pieces but researched them as well so that I could look at each item with a new found love of its beauty and craftsmanship but with imaginations of who had used it before me and how lovingly cared for it was to have survived being around for how ever many years it had before it was added to my ever growing collections.  
     Then I discovered Pinterest and a whole new love affair with collecting began.  It was money outlay, no storage issues, no washing or cleaning and  I could change my collections on a daily basis.  I could share my collections or I could could just lose hours looking and pinning.  It is perhaps the perfect place for all if you get a chance pop over to my Pinterest boards and pin what ever you limits just help don't even have to follow...just enjoy!
PS Your also welcome to pin any and all pictures from this blog...all I ask is you don't claim ownership of my images.  Happy Pinning!

You will find my Pinterest page here:

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~33 Days~

         ~Whats happening in 33 changing events.  In 33 days I will be hopping on a plane (scary) and flying to Melbourne with hubby and friends...where I will be meeting all my birth siblings (5)..........3 of them for the very first time and 2 of them for the second time.  I will be spending the day with them, hoping to get to know them a little and them me.  I have so many questions to ask but more than likely I will forget them all.  How does one put a lifetime of getting to know someone into one afternoon.   It is a start and one I am looking forward to in a scary kind of way~
           ~The second part of this trip is we a doing a mini cruise with 10 friends from Melbourne back to Adelaide to see if we can all cope,  so that in the future we can perhaps do bigger more exciting ones.  Me and water just dont go together...I cannot swim and I am terrified of anything water related thats deeper than waist height.  Then there is the whole sea sickness thing.......I dont do getting ill at all.....worse patient ever.  So while these two things are big negatives in my life (Water and sea sickness) I am def going to try to overcome them.  I cant do much about the water thingy but an appointment with the docs before we go is on the cards~
        ~If anyone has some tried true methods of avoiding sea sickness I would love to hear them~

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Friday, January 2, 2015

~New Year New Look Blog~

I done it again, although this time quite accidently.......I deleted by template without backing it up so I have lost all my gadgets...well everything...hopefully all back to normal soon ♥.

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