Saturday, January 17, 2015

~33 Days~

         ~Whats happening in 33 changing events.  In 33 days I will be hopping on a plane (scary) and flying to Melbourne with hubby and friends...where I will be meeting all my birth siblings (5)..........3 of them for the very first time and 2 of them for the second time.  I will be spending the day with them, hoping to get to know them a little and them me.  I have so many questions to ask but more than likely I will forget them all.  How does one put a lifetime of getting to know someone into one afternoon.   It is a start and one I am looking forward to in a scary kind of way~
           ~The second part of this trip is we a doing a mini cruise with 10 friends from Melbourne back to Adelaide to see if we can all cope,  so that in the future we can perhaps do bigger more exciting ones.  Me and water just dont go together...I cannot swim and I am terrified of anything water related thats deeper than waist height.  Then there is the whole sea sickness thing.......I dont do getting ill at all.....worse patient ever.  So while these two things are big negatives in my life (Water and sea sickness) I am def going to try to overcome them.  I cant do much about the water thingy but an appointment with the docs before we go is on the cards~
        ~If anyone has some tried true methods of avoiding sea sickness I would love to hear them~

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