Sunday, February 19, 2017

~A Place called Home~

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮My home is full of memories, those objects that remind us of another time,  another place and of the people we hold dear to our are just a few of those memories.....╰⊰✿✿⊱╮

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮My dad bought this to hang his hats and footy scarfe on, in their laundry,,,,it now hangs in my bathroom for me to hang my towels on.╰⊰✿✿⊱╮

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮A shopping day with mum and a bargain print for $5╰⊰✿✿⊱╮

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮A few vintage Pink towels and other pink pretties.  That gorgeous round pink box is from the Body shop and full of Rose Smelling pamper goodies...a gift from my son last Christmas and the other small box contains rose soaps.╰⊰✿✿⊱╮

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮Vintage Goodies sit on a shelf which happens to match Dads coat hook, the pomander is Avon, bought for me when I was a child and the powder duster and the little pink jug were mums╰⊰✿✿⊱╮

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮This gorgeous mirror is another wonderful memory that was a wedding gift to my mum and dad 65 years ago, unfortunately,  Dad passed away just before their 60th wedding anniversary. It always hung in our hallway at home.╰⊰✿✿⊱╮

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮Unique Vintage Ceramic bathroom Cannisters that fits a single toilet roll and the other for good old epsom salts for those tired aching bones were found while shopping with a dear friend.╰⊰✿✿⊱╮


╰⊰✿✿⊱╮No memories for this jug but a sweet find from a local charity shop....its not an oldie but very pretty in pale pink with gorgeous roses.╰⊰✿✿⊱╮


╰⊰✿✿⊱╮A purchase from a facebook friend.....with rose fragrance soaps╰⊰✿✿⊱╮

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮A gift from a neighbour left on my doorstep because she knew I liked Pink.  Complete with matching soap dish.  It sits in an Antique iron wash stand in original chippy condition.╰⊰✿✿⊱╮


╰⊰✿✿⊱╮Laundry Shelf╰⊰✿✿⊱╮

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮Another family memory, my mum used to do all the washing on this old board, but it wasn't pink back then╰⊰✿✿⊱╮

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮Pretty pink toilet roll holder made from knitted lace.  Best 35 cents I have ever spent at a charity shop. For me it reminds me of the old Dolly toilet roll holders ╰⊰✿✿⊱╮

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮My memory that hopefully, one day will remind someone of me╰⊰✿✿⊱╮

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮This corner shelf used to be in the craft room and you could not longer see it with everything piled up on it so I cleared it off and now it sits in my guest toilet.╰⊰✿✿⊱╮

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮Artificial flowers in a vintage Rayneham Vase that was mums╰⊰✿✿⊱╮

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮Angel love bought for me by my son.╰⊰✿✿⊱╮

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮Another bit of family history, mums shopping basket she would carry down to the local plastic bags back it keeps my toilet paper tidy (oops better fill it)╰⊰✿✿⊱╮

╰⊰✿✿⊱╮Family treasures and the memories they invoke will possibly be a thing of the past in a throwaway society.  I just hope one day my kids come to realise that these links to their past are worth hanging onto for future generations to come to enjoy.╰⊰✿✿⊱╮


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