~Lace Pocket/Hanger Tutorial~

~Shabby Delights Lace Pocket/Hanger Tutorial~

This is a great project for damaged doilies, old bits of lace, buttons and all the odds and ends us sewers seem to save...just in case.

*Please read all instructions before starting. 

I am not a professional so if you find any errors or have any problems please let me know. 


Assorted doily's (damaged ones are perfect for this)
Assorted laces in creams, ecru and natural (great way to use up all your odds and ends)
Buttons- Rhinestone & vintage
Canvas weight Calico Cotton for backing (approx 1.5m x width of fabric)
Calico (normal weight) small piece for heart
Stuffing (small amount for heart)
Neutral thread
Sewing needle
Rotary Cutter
Craft Glue
Coat Hanger
Twine or ribbon
Sewing machine & general sewing skills.
Lace motifs 
Small Doilies
Lace offcuts
Old Key (optional)
Wooden pegs (optional)
Button Cards (optional )
Stamp & stamp pad (optional)
Inkjet Fabric Sheets (Optional)


Cut two (front and back) of the canvas calico to your preferred size...mine was 45cm x 58 cm.  Lay hanger near top and draw around edge to give to shape and the cut both the front and back accordingly.  (fig 1 & 2)

(fig 1)

(fig 2)

 Now you need to work out your pockets and how to intend to embellish them.  Starting with your doilies ...work out whether you intend to cut them in half  or just remove the top 1/3. (This will depend alot on the sizes of your doilies) (fig 3)  

(fig 3)

Once you have cut your doilies you can now work out your trim (lace) and or embellishes.  Sew your lace to the top (wrong sides together) turn to right sides and press.  Now add any other smaller doilies , motifs, buttons or what ever you want to the 'pocket'.   You can either machine or hand sew these on.  (Fig 4 & 5)

(fig 4)

(fig 5)

Continue on making pockets using various doilies and lace trims to make each pocket different and unique.  The amount of pockets you need will depend on the size of your doilies, so do a rough layout on your canvas as you make them.  (fig 6,7 & 8)

(fig 6)

(fig 7)

(fig 8)

Lay your finished pockets on the top piece of canvas to work out placement and arrange until you are happy with the layout (fig 9)

(fig 9)

(fig 10)

The pocket at the bottom was made using an offcut from an old cafe curtain valance, that was lightly gathered across the bottom before sewing both sides and gathered bottom directly onto the top piece of canvas. (fig10)

(fig 11)

Next I added my images......these were printed on Inject Fabric Sheets** with images found on The Graphics Fairy.  I ironed then on the front canvas and finished them off with machine blanket stitch (fig 11 & 12)

(fig 12)

The gaps around the pockets now need to filled.  Using your lace, doilies, motifs etc ...lay these around/under the pockets until your happy with the arrangement then stitch into place. (fig 13 & 14 & 15)  Stitch pockets in place and add any more embellishments ...fabric flowers, buttons etc as needed to fill up the gaps.


(fig 15)
Once finished sewing on the pockets and all the embellishing and filled in all the gaps......lay the finished top canvas face down onto the back canvas (right sides together) and pin the two long sides and the top in place leaving the bottom open and a small opening center top for the coat hanger to fit through.  Stitch a 1/4 inch seam on the pins sides leaving the openings and turn right sides out.  


Using a piece of lace wrap it around the coat hanger hook.  When completely covered secure with craft glue on both ends.  Insert coat hanger through small opening at top of lace hanger and turning under seam slip stitch hole closed around the hook. (fig 16)

(fig 16)

To finish off turn under a 1/4 inch seam across bottom of lace hanger and stitch closed.  If you would like you can add a piece of lace to this to add the finishing touch.  Your lace hanger is now finished.



Draw a heart template and cut 2 from your small piece of calico.  Add lace to one piece.  With right sides together sew a 1/4 inch seam around the outside leaving a small opening for turning and stuffing.  Turn out and stuff firmly. Slipstitch opening close and embellish the front.  Sew a loop to the center top and embellish with a button to hide stitching.  Your heart is now ready to hang from the hanger or sit in a pocket. (fig 17)

I hope you enjoyed this project.  I love that no two are ever the same.
As my hanger was a gift I decided to add some surprises to the pockets.  These included lace trimmed vintage pegs, button cards found on Pinterest and hand sewing some vintage buttons to them, a small calico bag stamped and filled with vintage thread and vintage needles and a small pink envelope filled with rose cards for my friend who loves pink.

**Fabric sheets

*All images belong to ~Shabby Delights~  your welcome to share but please give credit.
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