~Shabby Suitcase Project~

~Shabby Suitcase~


~Please read all instructions before starting~

Board (approx 3
mm thick) (enough for inside bottom and inside top of your case)
Paint for outside and inside lip (I used a spray paint)
Fabric (amount needed will depend on the size of your case) (mine needed almost 2 meters)
Lace (look for a lace that ribbon can be threaded through)
Thin Batting
Craft Glue
Pegs to hold it together while glue dries.
Sewing machine for gathering fabric
(general sewing notions)

Clean the outside of your case using a damp sponge.  When dry, spray paint the entire outside, and then the  inside lip of both the lid and bottom. (Make sure to allow sufficent dry time between coats as per spray paint recommendations (You can use an undercoat if you wish but I was impatient and didn't have any on hand and just kept spraying  layers until it was covered)

Spray painting the outside

(A).  Inserting crochet cotton between zigzag stitches for easy gathering

  You need to measure the 4 sides and x by 2 to give you the length of fabric required for the gathers inside, and then the height of the sides and add 5 cm so you have plenty to tuck underneath
(eg....my case was 60 x 36 x 60 x 36 = 196 cm x 2 = 392 cm) so I needed a piece of fabric 3.92 cm long x 18 cm wide (my height was 13 cm + 5 cm)

Sew the two narrow ends, right sides together to form a loop.  Fold over and sew a 1/4 in seam all the way around (the long edge).
This edge then needs to be gathered using either a gathering foot, or a gathering stitch.
(I used an old dressmaker trick by using crochet cotton and a zigzag stitch for easy gathers (A)(B)

Once gathered pull up gathers to fit inside the bottom.  (Pegs come in handy to hold in place while working your gathers around)  Once happy with your gathers run a line of craft glue around the edge and using pegs to hold in place glue your ruffled piece just under the lip of the bottom.. When dry sort gathers so the fabric sits neatly and push into the bottom with excess sitting neatly ready for base board. (C) Allow sufficient time to dry before proceeding with the base insert. (D)

(B) Zigzag gathers

(C) Pegging gathers before gluing

(D) Gathers glued in place

Using the measures measurements you took before for the sides (mine were the 60 x 36 x 60 x 36 cm)(E) you need to cut a piece of board slightly smaller than these to allow for fabric.  Test the board inside your case making sure it fits....if not adjust as necessary.  Once cut, measure out a piece of batting again slightly smaller than the board you have cut, and glue lightly in place to one side of the board..  Using your board as a template and adding 3cm all the way round cut fabric (this allows for turning the fabric to glue in place)

Place your fabric wrong side up and then place the board with the batting face down on the fabric.(F)  Run a line of glue near to the edge (of the board) and fold over the fabric onto the glue using pegs to hold in place....continue doing this all the way around stretching the fabric slightly to keep it taut.  (G) Allow to dry.  Sit the fabric covered board inside your case....it should sit firm and not move.  If its loose you may need to glue the whole piece in making sure its central .(H)

(E) Cut the boards allowing enough room to fit with all fabric

(F) Run glue underneath and stick fabric firmly tightening as you go

(G) Make sure fabric is tight

(H) Place base in bottom making sure gathers sit neatly around and glue in if needed

Cut a piece of lace 3/4 the width of the lid but twice as long (mine was 28 cm wide x 120 cm long) If you are threading ribbon through the lace cut 2 pieces the width of the lid and starting from the center top of the lace thread them outwards towards the narrow edge  with raw edges matching.  Turn under and run a 1/4 seam along the sides catching in the ribbon on both sides and then turn under a 1/4 inch seam on the bottom, and then gather the bottom edge using which ever method you prefer, to fit the width of the lid.  (I)

Line the top using the same method as the bottom (measure around edge x 2 then measure depth and add 3cm to tuck under top lining, cut, then sew narrow edges rights sides together and  gather as per bottom.  Pull up gathers to fit under the lip and using pegs to hold while glueing in place)  Measure your board as per bottom cutting slightly smaller for fabric allowance.  Lay main fabric wrong side up and using board as template cut fabric 3 cm wider than board  (This allows for turning fabric over to glue in place) using template again cut 1 piece of batting. Glue batting to board.   DO NOT GLUE FABRIC TO BOARD AT THIS POINT  With your main fabric piece measure 5 cm up from the bottom of the fabric (it will only be 2 cm when the fabric is attached to the board) and 3.5 cm in, on the sides and pin pocket bottom pulling up gathers as needed. The top will now be loose so just tie up ribbons loosely.  Pin in place and sew around the sides and bottom.  Once your pocket is sewn you can now place fabric wrong side up and place board with batting face down on fabric and glue fabric in place remembering to keep fabric tight.  Allow time for glue to dry before inserting and gluing in lid.  Your case is now finished ✿•*¨`*•. (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) .•*¨`*•✿

                      (I) Lace pocket                        

This is optional:  If you have enough fabric you can make a matching bow.  Cut a strip of fabric 75 cm x 7 cm.  Press under a 1/4 seam all the way around including narrow edges and sew.  Tie bow to handle.