~Glass Brick Shabby Sweet~

Glass Brick                                                                  
Diamond Drill Bit
Water (To cool Drill Bit)
Plumbers Putty
Frosted Glass Spray
Metal Scourer
Safety Glasses and Mask

Fabric for Bow  or Wired Ribbon
Lights (Battery Operated or 240v Your choice)
Vinyl Decal 


  Glass bricks come with white paint like substance around edges which is actually easy to remove.  Soak the block in warm to hot water for 15 mins.  Using a metal Scourer scrub the sides to remove all white paint.  Wipe dry.


This can be done using a drill press, or you can just use a regular drill like me.      Attach your Diamond Tipped Drill bit to your drill.  Mine is a 29mm bit.  Your hole only needs to be big enough to feed your lights through.

 Using the putty take enough to roll into a circle and make a well where you want to place your hole.  (Where you place your hole in the glass is up to you.  I prefer the lower corner on the back while others prefer it to be underneath.)

Now fill your circle with a little water to stop the drill from over heating.  The glass is very slippery to start of with so go slow until it starts to cut in.   Apply even but not too hard pressure, it should only take a few minutes to drill through.  You will know when your through as the water drains into the brick. 

The small piece from the drill will fall out easily.  Take care in case the hole is a little sharp.  You can use a Dremel to file the hole down if needed.  Wash your brick, taking care not to get dish washing bubbles inside the brick.  Dry your brick by either inserting paper towelling inside (Leave some sticking out the hole) and leave it overnight night.

I decided to just make my first brick/block a simple design using the Scan N Cut.  I am really loving this machine, with all its built in designs.  The font I have used is one of these.

Apply the decal to the position you want of the front of the block.

You can either leave your brick/block clear or you can give it a light coat of frosted paint.  I tried my light in the clear glass and it was too bright and made seeing the decal hard.  So I went with the frosted look by spraying the block lightly with the Frosted Glass spray. (As I already had the decal on the block I sprayed over this also with little to no difference to the decal)

To finish of the  block I chose a Shabby Chic fabric,  white lace and a handmade flower. 
The good thing about this project is you can decorate your block anyway you choose, your only limit is your imagination.


The first photo shows pink lights that look more purple than pink and the second photo is with bright white lights.  I am not sure I am happy with either so I have ordered some warm white and will post a photo with them when they arrive

Pinks Lights

Bright White Lights

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I had fun making it.  I can see a few different ones becoming gifts in the future.  If you have any questions please drop me a comment.


*I have included my Pinterest page  dedicated to Glass Blocks down the bottom of this post should you want some more inspiration.

  Brother Scan N Cut Model CM110 
This was the first model put out by Brother and luckily for me I found it at a 2nd Hand Shop for a fraction of new cost and in as new condition.