Saturday, February 22, 2014

~Paint Mine Pink~

Its a little cool here today....I think summer has just up and left.  I like each of the seasons, but usually by the end of them I am ready for the next.  The good thing about the cooler months is a get to do alot more sewing.  This week I made a sweet little ruffled market bag....thats not quite finished rosettes if thats what you can call them are just sitting there...I am not sure I am happy with them yet....I do not have much luck making them....they never look right to me....they always just look like a bit of fabric rolled up and then stuck on and called a rose.
  My op shop finds for the week are a sweet little  mannequin which is an actual candle holder that was yesterday black and today pink, and a gorgeous milk glass goblet only I am not sure it is a goblet as it has four ridges on the inside so if anyone knows what is was designed for I would love to know.
Thank you for dropping to by check out my pink pretties and thank you to the lovely Beverly from How Sweet The Sound. for being host as always

~Ruffled Market Bag~

~Just some blocks I have been working on.....also not finished~

~Sweet Pink Mannequin~

     ~Milk Glass Goblet?~           

                                                              ~Roses from my garden~