Sunday, September 8, 2013

~Walking Wounded~

Two weeks ago I had a mole removed from the bottom of my foot of all places and while it was tiny...the cut I now have is at least 8x the size and its location just slightly under and on the side of my foot where it bends.  As someone who has moles removed all the time I expected to breeze through this minor surgery with a sore foot for a week and then back to normal...well two weeks later its infected and the stitched busted open and on doctors advice they are leaving it open to drain and heal and I am on antibiotics and hobbling around in pain.  Not what I envisioned thats for sure.  My house looks like a bomb hit it as hubby is not much help as he is still doing physio for a shoulder reconstruction and well I have yet to see the dogs pick up a broom lol.  The robo vaccuum is doing overtime and will no doubt want a raise....the stool next to the sink will start growing if it has to stay there any longer and the wash basket has seen empty for two weeks ....but the thing I miss most is not going for a my 4km walk 3 times a week with my girlfriend.  I feel like my butt has grown an extra foot wider from all the sitting and the scales are definitely screaming at me...1 person at a time!!
I am even starting to miss housework...and I never thought I would ever say that.  Hope it heals soon :)

Flowers from my daughter