Monday, January 27, 2014

~4 days and Counting~

Only 4 more sleeps until I fly to Melbourne and meet my sister and brother for the first time ever.  The butterflies have started.  Up until this point the 'I'm Adopted" ...has not felt real real if you get what I mean.  On paper it has been real and in my head its real but now its going to be real in my heart.  I am going to meet those to whom I am blood related.....people whom I missed knowing through my childhood, through my teenage years, through everything up until now...all the things that one shares with a sister kinda moments.  Don't get me wrong I love the family that raised me and I will be a part of their lives and they will always be my family forever.  But I felt all my life something was missing...and now I know why.  How do I fit a life time of missing out into a few days.