Tuesday, January 14, 2014

~~Op Shop Finds~

Had an appointment this morning but as usual I was too early ...so I popped into a local op shop and hit the mother load.......2 things I have been hunting for as long as I can remember and there they were standing together in a corner.  I am pretty sure I was drooling .....and while my finds might not seem much to others....I love that feeling you get when you can cross that something off the 'gotta find' list.  Here are this mornings prizes and when I get time and this heat wave ends they will get a shabby up.


  1. Wow, that wheelie shopper cart is one I've wanted for years too, but cost a fortune in the mail order catalogues.

    MAJOR win - congratulations!

    p.s. loving your facebook graphic posts btw... totally converted me to loving white with chabby chic roses.

    When I move back to Melbourne suburbs this year, that is the style I'll be decorating with.... you have a convert!

  2. Thanx Helene....shabby becomes a way of life. You will find yourself asking does this come in white? or Pink? I was very lucky with the cart and gumball machine, for the two only cost me $7.25.

  3. My eldest daughter often drags me along on her treasure hunts, as she calls her trips to op shops. It really is amazing what she finds. I agree about this heat, it is currently 4am I cannot sleep even with the air-conditioner on, and we have three more days of this, stay cool if you can, best wishes Wendy

  4. I love the feeling of finding something I've been searching for! Congrats on your great finds!


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