Sunday, January 12, 2014

~Vintage Suitcase Makeover~ ~Part 1~

I am known for being the hoarder of all the family's vintage items.  Suitcases being one of them...well I actually I have 3.  I gave one a prim makeover many years ago when I was into blue and white and all things prim and country and thought it time for a new fresh make over shabby style.  I was going to be good and tape up all the lactches and keep them original but the tape just refused to stick I gave up and chose to paint them instead.   I was going to undercoat as well but had none in the shed so that went in the too hard basket also.  I am very impatient when I decide to do something I want to be able to do it then and there otherwise I just wont do it.

First I dusted the outside of the case with a brush then wiped it over with a sponge and soapy water.  The inside (still had my brothers name inside from when he used it as a child) was paper lined and in not too bad condition so I just peel off what was peeling and left the rest.  Vaccuumed the inside and a quick wipe out with a damp sponge.  I havent decide whether I am going to line with fabric or vinatge wallpaper yet.

Out in the shed I had a can of Sea Beach Green by Squirts in a satin that would be perfect.  I am pretty sure I can finish with one can (well heres hoping).  

My Prim painting on the front.

The original inside

The first coat

The colour is a very pale green and I hope I have enough because according to the manufacturers web site the colour has been discontinued for some time.  Bugga!
Watch out for part 2...will the case still be green or will I have to settle for white.........