Friday, January 10, 2014

~Life Skills~

         All my life I have loved to make things, do things, change things and while the handy man skills come from my dear dad (I was always with him and my brother was always with my mum) who taught me everything about maintaining a house from gutter cleaning, painting, repairing holes, drilling, concreting, gardening , sawing and repairing ....I have this whole other skill set that I developed on my own from when I was a young child who tried to make clothes for her dolls and sew little accessories for them which more often or not involved sticking pins into the dolls to hold them.....that had no begining.  My mum while she was an expert at darning a sock was pretty hopless at any other sort of sewing and never encouraged me in at at all.  All my life I have sewed...teaching myself from books (before the internet) or by pulling things to pieces and looking at how they were made.  Well I now know my birth mum was a streamstress.  This makes me wonder are skills gentetically encoded.  What lead me to enjoy sewing and creating.  Its a puzzling thing.  The other thing is while my mum couldnt sew she was a beautiful knitter (before she got Macula degeneration)  the jumpers she made us kids growing up were works of art.  I was always amazed at how fast she could knit (while watching Days of Our Lives) without ever looking at what she was doing.  Me....I cant knit for peanuts....not from lack of trying.....I would always end up dropping stitches or purling when I was supposed to I gave that up and taught myself to crochet.  That however never extended beyond the humble square or rows.  I never learned to read patterns and I still need to check you tube when I want to use a different stitch.   As therapy goes,  in winter I love it and often make a blanket or two every year.  
So let me ask you you have skills in common with your parents?  
Oh and ...
..its only 21 days until I meet my birth sister and brother for the first time.

Have a great weekend.

How cute is this.......I just have to find someone to crochet it for me.