Saturday, January 11, 2014

~Pinterest.....A Pinning Obsession~

Since discovering Pinterest I have spent more hours than ever on the computer....Pinning.  I go to look for one thing and the next thing  4 hours have passed and the first thing I was looking for is now long forgotten but I have instead another 100 pins on my boards. My purse is happier, for once its pinned I find I no longer need to purchase it as I can now look at when ever I like.  

My tastes are very diversified from the sweetness of Shabby (6 boards and growing) to the bizzare images of Steam punk which I love for its quirkiness and its ties to Victorian fashion.  I am a little obsessed as I now have 222 Boards and 58,230 pins.  So make sure you pop over and check out my boards at ~Shabby Delights Pinterest~....and don't foget to follow if you find something you like ♥