Wednesday, November 27, 2013

~Crafty Business~

Its a hot one in my corner of the world to day and I dont know about you but all I want to do is ...nothing when its hot like this.  I have a few project I want to start but have lost my mojo today.  I really want to make some of those cute strawberry sachets....oh and candles...well melts actually.....I go through so many melts.  Totally love having all the beautiful smells in my home.  I am forever buying them (melts) and thought why don't I learn to make them for myself.   I found a candle starting kit on ebay (they dont just do a melt one) and then I saw a soap making kit I bought both lol. I decided my soaps were going to be pink roses with rose petal sprinkled on top.  I read all the instructions...the colour looked perfect...the smell was divine...and the insructions said sprinkle petals in the bottom prior to pouring...which I did.....and as I am pouring the petals are floating to the top and making the soap around them go green.  I havent made the melts yet but they are on my to do list.  I even have pretty fairy floss fragrance which I cant wait to try.  Maybe by next Christmas I will have perfected both good enough for pressents.


A beautiful box I bought from the markets for $1 a while ago.

My rose soap from the top

This gorgeous mismatched jug and bowl where given to me by a friend...isnt it gorgeous.

A couple of green themed plated that sit next to my jug and bowl.

This years Christmas find...a pink and green santa with extendable him .