Monday, November 18, 2013

~Christmas is Coming~

I am terrible at keeping up with just keeps rushing by and my to do list is never ending.  It only 37 days until Christmas....are you ready yet or are you like me and rushing around trying to get everything at the last minute.  I shop for my grocery's on line in the last two weeks before xmas because I hate crowds..I hate trying to find a park and really I can just do without the added stress.  
Its also only 35 days until my 50th.....and that freaks me out a little.  I still think like I am in my 20's...where as my mum was old even when I was a kid.  She still tells me off because I don't act like an adult at times....and I always laugh at all the wrong things.  I am loud and I do see the funny side of things more often than not.
Anyways I had better keep this short or a 3 page essay it will become.  Thought I would share a picture of my son and my adorable grandson.
Thanx for stopping by and hopefully I will post agin before Christmas..
stay Happy xx

This is my son Brad & my gorgeous grandson Chase.....a good looking pair if I may say so.

A little something I have been sewing this year.