Sunday, March 27, 2011

~Market Finds~

Decided to get motivated really earyly this morning to make it to the local Sunday Market.  I havent been there is since it moved to a new location...which to say is years.   Soooooo glad I did.  While most of what was there was junk is an understatement and it reminded me why I stopped going...this morning was my lucky day......I found a diamond in the rough..well two actually.  I could not believe my luck when I found this stunning vase for $2.00 and this little carriage clock for $3.00.  Although the clock is battery run it is very heavy and a little bit shabby (just the way I like it)  I still cant get over my luck in securing this stunning is a delight...and I must admit my new prised possesion.  There is apparently another market on Wednesday held just outta town so I may even give that one a go as well.

I finally got my sewing cabinet into my office and tucked it into a corner...not much room but at least I have somewhere to sew again.  The shelves above used to hold all my computer programs but with a bit of a shuffle I managed to squeeze them into a cupboard so I can place a few of my sewing bits and pieces on the shelves now. 
I forgot I had this sweet little doll figurine, she is actually a very vintage tape measure and the metal around her belly if magnetic to hold pins. 
I have had a very productive Sunday, but I think finding the vase was the best part of the day.