Saturday, March 12, 2011

~Blog Junkie~

Ok I confess..although reasonably very new to this I have to admit I am becoming a blog Junkie lol.  I thought when I started this I would post maybe once or twice a week...but here I am posting everyday...but as yet no visitors so for now I am posting more for myself...and thats ok....I will think of it as my own personal online diary (without all the nitty gritty lol) although I do hope sooner or later someone discovers me *anyone*.
Anyway i was sitting here thinking what to do today...not sure if I am in the mood to paint when I was struck with an idea (yes I do have them occassionally).  Since turning my craft room into a bedroom for a friend of my sons who was kicked outta home (who has since built his own home) and then another gorgeous stray moved in after that (who has sinced moved on) I decided to turn this room into my home theatre room and craft room :( ....sorry lost what I starting talking about....oh yeah I am in need of a new craft I was office..although small if I get rid of a few thing (lots actually) I might be able to fit in my sewing machine and a small cupboard for my craft things.  I will keep you posted and yes I will try to remember to take photo's