Sunday, April 3, 2011

~Sunday Markets~

Well to say my day started early is an understatemnt.  I was awoken by a phonecall from my daughter to say she and her friend were stranded in the city.  Their ride home never good old mum to the rescue.....that was at 3.15am.  A round trip to the city from where we live is approx 2 hours.  By the time I got home with a macca's latte in hand I was wide awake so I hopping time.
So at 7.45 off to the markets I trotted (onto my 4th coffee by this time)   The markets here are not very good but a found a few little treasures to share with you.
Im not a big jewellery person but the sparkle off these in the sunshine caught my eye...and off course they are  pink  so whats not to love.

How cute is this little crown brooch.  It had my name on it (I swear) well thats what I am gonna tell hubby when he asks why on earth I bought that.  Isn't it delightful.

Another  Pink find is this darling little pin dish with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in the center and gold rim. 

My bargain of the day...a Pink Pagoda Crystal perfume bottle for 50 cents.  Although a little worse for wear with several flea bites on the outside of the lid it, it is definitly a bargain.  I have one of these already in clear glass which is listed in Carters Antique guide with a price of $150.00 USD (if memory serves me right)and to find one in pink is just a yummy find...flea bites and all.

Next on the bargain list is this pretty hand painted plate from Japan and signed by the artist.  Huge Pink roses and a gold rim...what more could a girl ask for.

My last bargain for the morning was this pretty very very tarnished silver vase in the shape of a trumpet flower.  I have decided to give this a clean just to see how well it comes up.  Its quite heavy and perfect for the pink rose bud I will pick later to place in it.
Well thats it for my bargains from the market...I will post a piccy of the vase later when its had a polish.
Have a perfect Shabby Sunday.