Thursday, April 7, 2011

~Clay Roses~

Well I attempted to make clay roses last night following the wonderful instructions from Carol (The PolkaDot Closet).  I think I remade it about 6 times before it actually looked like a rose to me. 
I made it using Super Sculpey  and it only came in a natural colour for the big box of it ($30.00 from Spotlight) or you could buy a little packet of any colour for $7.00 which looked like it would make maybe two roses if your lucky.
So on when the oven (hubby got excited at this point...he thought I was cooking...pffft).  I followed the directions which said 10 minutes at 120 degrees per 6mm so on went the buzzer and I patiently waited.  At this point I was dying to see how they came out when the smell of something burning greeted my nose.
Rushed to open the oven only to be greeted by slightly burnt roses. 
So here are my first (slightly scorched) roses.
Well despite the crispy crunch look I am quite pleased with my first attempt and the instuctions provided by Carol fromThe PolkaDot Closet were very easy to follow.....I will just have to see how they look when painted.
(The moral to this story...I need a new oven )
Have a great day xox

Here is the link to ThePolkaDot Closet 'Making Clay Roses'.