Sunday, February 10, 2013

~To Market, To Market~

     I got up early this morning so I could hit our local market.  Its not very big with probably only about 15 - 20 stall depending on the weather and its pretty much the same ones each week so there is not alot of change.    I was on a mission today to pick up  my birdbath from a local maker who attends the market most weeks.

    Found my statue lady straight away and paid her  so I wouldn't be tempted to spend the money and then did the regulation two laps.....cause you never know what you might miss on the first lap.  It was a wrought iron day today.  First find was a wrought iron stand with 3 graduating was a wrought iron hanging candle holder for $1 but I had to give it a serious clean as it came with bugs at that price..ewww, then a wrought iron stand of some sort...looks to be old...victorian maybe with its delightful twists in the sides....but I am going to use it as a plant stand and last was a very heavy metal urn complete with rust.  I love rusty items.  So I had a great day and all I spent was $59.