Saturday, June 30, 2012

~Pinks for Pinks Sake~

~Still winter here in my part of the matter how hard I try to wish it away, and to top it off I have caught a head cold.   Head colds are the most annoying of bugs...not only do they make you feel horrible they make you look horrible.  So needless to say I am in hiding until I look a little more presentable or at least until the nose stops glowing~
Good thing Pinks always make me happy :)
Have a fabulous weekend in your part of the world and dont forget to stop by Beverleys at How Sweet The Sound and check out all the other lovely Pink Posts
& if your feeling under the weather also......get better soon :)

~Happy Pink Saturday~

~Vintage Pink Chocolate Box~

~Love the Aqua & Pink Together~

~Pink Lemonade~

~Stunning Pink Dress~

~Cutie Patootie Caravan.....wish I had one of these~

~A Gorgeous Pink Bedroom~

*Pictures are fom Tumblr & Pinterest (I do not own any)



  1. Hi Michelle, I love all of your pinks! So sorry you have head cold. Feel better soon. Happy Fourth of July and Pink Saturday too. ~Marti

  2. Love this post ... thanks for stopping by Slice of Pie. The candy box is adorable ... and I'd like one of those litle peanut trailers, too! I'd turn it into a doll house.

  3. Happy Pink Saturday!
    Greetings from sunny south-east Queensland♥

  4. Love that vintage chocolate heart box. I never find anything like that a flea markets. All that pink sure makes me happy too

  5. Hi Michelle,

    Sorry to hear you have a cold. Where do you live that it is still cold? I am coming to visit! lol I don't like the heat at all. Your pinks are lovely. Love the box, and I have that pink bedroom on my Pinterest page too! Feel better!


  6. Hi Michelle~
    The pink pictures are yummy - especially the bedroom! I would spend the night there and never want to leave!
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Hi Michele!
    I love all of your pretty pinks especially the cute little van-trailer.

  8. You found a great variety of pinks today. I have not seen a box of candy like that in awhile. Thanks for dropping by my place.

  9. My eyes are flooded with super lovely pink stuffs!


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