Monday, April 16, 2012

The Clashing of the Prim & the Shabby

I have to say I am a bit all over the place at the moment.  My FB page is about my past love of Counrty which I am also trying to sell to make room for more I am trying really hard to keep the theme of country on there.  My dilema is I keep posting shabby pictures from pinterest etc and now my page in fear of becoming a total conflict.  I loved my country look immensely  from the timber pot holder over the sink to the rusty vintage hook that hung from it and everything else everywhere else, books to bears, blue and white china to cloth dolls.  One word....obsessed...thats me....well now I am shabby obsessed...I just have to keep it off my FB page if I plan to sell anything.  please if you have a chance to pop over and click that little like button for me because the more that see my page the more likely I am to sell my country and buy more shabby.

Have a great week....