Saturday, July 16, 2011

~Pink Saturday & A Borrowed Laptop~

What a crazy washing machine died (Happy dance time!)  Been waiting for that to die for a long time.  Now the proud owner of a flashy new front loader, complete with bells and whistles.
Next computer gave up the ghost, so this week is bought to you by a borrowed lappy and pinterest piccies cause all of mine were on the now defunct computer.
Thanx Beverly for hosting PINK SATURDAY each and every week. 

Love, Love, Love these.

Awww how cute is this little piggy.

Pink Flowers...always a favourite

Hmmm...the pink or the blue?

I so want all these Pink Pressies

                                   Have a fabulous weekend wherever in the world you may be.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

~Winners & Losers~

I have been noticing in recent months a few unhappy people blogging here and on fb about winning giveaways and then never hearing again from the people offering the giveaway nor receiving what they supposedly won.  This is sad both for the person who won but more so for the person who held the giveaway, cause bad news spreads quicker than good.  
The huge majority of people who have giveaways do deliver and follow through, as these are a great way to boost followers and to increase shop sales.  People love to blog about their win and will praise the person who offered the prize in a very positive light which is just good business.
So my advice is this.....If you are offering a giveaway......make every effort to contact the winner...but most of all...follow through and send them their item they won....for they will reward you with their loyalty and friendship and sing your praises to everyone.

Have a fabulous weekend


Saturday, July 2, 2011

~My Front Garden~

~Welcome to my tiny front garden~  Our home was built in 1860 and is what is called a Miners Cottage.  These were built mostly for the Welsh Miners that came out here to work.  My home sits fairly close to the road so I only have a small strip of garden out the front compared to nearly a 1/4 acre out the back.  But I love my small front yard the best.  So much easier to work with.  Up until now it has been just roses some as old as the house itself.  This year I have planted many little cottage plants including daisies, salvia, lavender, colombines, dianthas and the ever favourite geranium.  Its winter here so I dont expect to see much growth until the spring. 
Hurry up spring. 

A Happy 4th of July to all who celebrate and a big hug and thankyou to Miss Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound who makes every Saturday a little bit Pink.

The roses are looking a little worse for wear due to the strange winter we are having

~Have a fabulous weekend everyone~