Saturday, July 9, 2011

~Winners & Losers~

I have been noticing in recent months a few unhappy people blogging here and on fb about winning giveaways and then never hearing again from the people offering the giveaway nor receiving what they supposedly won.  This is sad both for the person who won but more so for the person who held the giveaway, cause bad news spreads quicker than good.  
The huge majority of people who have giveaways do deliver and follow through, as these are a great way to boost followers and to increase shop sales.  People love to blog about their win and will praise the person who offered the prize in a very positive light which is just good business.
So my advice is this.....If you are offering a giveaway......make every effort to contact the winner...but most of all...follow through and send them their item they won....for they will reward you with their loyalty and friendship and sing your praises to everyone.

Have a fabulous weekend