Monday, November 30, 2015

~Weekend Away In Renmark~

~Hubby and I have just returned from a weekend away in Renmark and it was here at one of the vintage shops I found this sweet photograph.  I picked it up and put it down several times before concluding I had to buy it....I am not sure why as it is def not something I would normally buy but I am so glad I did...she is a little darling.~

~Look at that gorgeous smile, twinkling blue eyes and golden curls~

~We went to Renmark to visit our dear friends and while we were there they gifted me with these amazing vintage scales.  I have had my eye on these beauties ever since I saw them in her home 30 years ago (see all good things come to those who wait) so to say I was over the moon was an understatment.    The scales read:  "The Computing Scale Co.  Dayten Ohio U.S.A. Pat Apr.24-1900, May19-1903, Mar.27-1906, style no 166. They are in perfect condition, although I don't think the colour is original but when I searched google it was impossible to find any similar in original colours but I must admit I like the gold so no matter~   I am feeling a little bit spoiled~

~I would think they are sweet scales as they only go up to 1 lb~

~Now on first glance I though this was a trashed houseboat but on closer inspection it was one full of character.  From the old Hills Hoist sporting old bras, to the toilet ontop of the chimney, to a couple of chooks and pots and post of was a delight to hold.  For a gold coin donation one could go aboard and check it I am scared of everything on the water I was happy to stay land side and admire from afar.  The lovely gentleman who's houseboat it was presented me with a "Rose" which infact was a humble geranium, but pretty none-the-less~

The lush grass and beautiful shady trees next to the river were quite delightful considering we decided to walk from the motel all along the riverfront and down the main street for over 2 hours in 30C heat.

~This sweet little duck had the right idea to cool off~

~Houseboats were moored all along the banks~

~On our way back we stopped ina Garden Center known for its exotic and rare plants and it was here I discovered this beauty.  They had one growing up some old wire and it was lush with beautiful white trumpet shaped flowers, fragrance with a heavenly perfume~   I couldnt help myself and had to buy one....can't wait for mine to flower now~

~Well that was our trip....great company in a great town~