Thursday, July 10, 2014

~Pinterest Peeve~

Im having a grumble today......Pinterest is my favourite site to visit.....not to mention the amount of money it has saveed me from image is apparently just as good as owning something.  My peeve is this ......I love to pin things that appeal to is the best time waster ever....and I love that so many people have so many things they like in common....especially Shabby chic etc. 
 Today when I was pinning my little heart out...I went to pin something...only to be given a message 'This person has blocked you from pining".  The picture was one from my own home that someone had grabbed from fb, that I had yet to put on my own pinterest page.  Seriously.....its a pining site...the whole idea is to pin and pin and pin some more.  Who blocks people from pining images they don't own?....I just don't get that....isn't that the whole idea of Pinterest.  To say I was a little miffed was an understatment.  I love seeing photos of my home turn up on other peoples boards...its kinda humbling to think you have shared something that others may like....but then to find a person...a total stranger has one of your pins and you are banned from it....the saying 'Not Happy Jan'comes to mind.  
So if anyone wants to pin pictures I have pinned...go for it.....I won't be blocking anyone....I have never heard of anything so silly in my life...

Happy Pinterest Pinning

Source: Pinterest

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  1. Girl you keep right on pinning! How dare them!

  2. That's ridiculous! I didn't even know they could do that!

  3. It is so ridiculous!! This is news to me.... I guess some people are so stingy even over their imaginary belongings.

    Amy Jo

  4. Had similar idea for the reason considering what I pin ..have many boards and followeres..its great to find such like minded peoples there..being an artist and lover of animals..nature..and hope to be enthusiastic crafter..ive found pinterest invaluable..Im more wasted space on the roms..and memory sticks..its all online..and have got so many friends hooked on it too..i follow you on fb keep pinning to your hearts conent Michelle :)

  5. I encountered a similar board, that had limits on the number of pins you could re-pin or you would be banned. Ridiculous. Love your suitcase tutorial by the way. Found it on Pinterest. Go figure.


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