Saturday, May 3, 2014

~Cold Wet Saturday~

Winter is definitely here.....we have had heavy rainfall for the last few day and everything looks dark and dreary.  Its even too dark for photos inside....and I hate using a flash so this weeks pretties will be photos from the past.   I do love winter though because it means more sewing time and I get alot of things done inside that I normally put off for time out in the sunshine in the warmer months.  It also means more pinning time on other addiction.  If you want to check out my Pinterest boards you will find them here: ~Shabby Delights ~ Pinterest
 Thank you Beverley from How Sweet The Sound for being host to Pink Saturday each and every week.

~Happy Pink Saturday~

~The birdhouse I have had forever and the little pink bird is a recent find~

~A couple of pretty plates~

~Dining Room China Cabinet~

~Washing the china usually happens about every 3 months and takes me anything up to 3 days to complete (because I have tooo much).  The Australian climate is very harsh on delicate vintage china and must be done to avoid crazing~

~Sweet Pinks in one of the kitchen hutches~

~One of my favourite musical Bols bottles~

~These jugs were my mums but there use to be 3 in the set and now only the smaller two have survived.  My mum used to use these to heat up my bottles in when I was a baby and the small chintz pin dish belonged to my nanna~

~Lovely Royal Albert~

~This cabinet gets changed around regularly~

~Thank you for visiting me~


  1. Sweet pinks. If I had seen the pick bird, I think it would have been mine. I love them all. I've kinda gotten stuck and my house is full to the brim with all the things I love. I can't hold another piece of anything except maybe a little bit of room in my ironstone cabinet and my milk glass cabinet. Every inch of your place would be my happy place.

  2. You have a lovely display of pink china in your dining room cabinet! HPS....hugs, Penny

  3. Beautiful pink china, I love it. I didn't know that washing would prevent crazing? Does the dust cause this? Nice to have those little pitchers your mom used when you were a baby. so sweet.

    1. Hi Australian climate is very dry and most china is made in England where is is cool and moist so in order to stop the crazing in our climate it pays to hand wash the china regularly to keep it moisturised.

  4. Michelle your pinks are all wonderful. Never thought about dryness causing crazing, good reason not to put old china in a dishwasher !

  5. Ahhhhhhh such fabulous treasures! I think I need some more girlie treasures like yours!
    big hugs!

  6. Happy Pink Saturday, Michelle. I am so glad you joined us today. Thank you for always making Pink Saturday special.

    We have had a dark and rainy week here, but today is beautiful. The sun is shining and there is a gentle breeze.

    You have so many beautiful pieces. I love the display in your china cabinet.♥

  7. You certainly have lost of the most beautiful pinks. I love all that China. How special that you are from heritage. Many Dutch people did emigratie to Australië for many years after the war.
    Have a Nice sunday.

  8. Your china is beautiful! I love to see china all washed and shiny in a dish drain - I have no idea why it's so appealing to me but it is. I also love that little bird. So sweet.
    Enjoy your rainy weekend ~ we are in a drought and jealous!

  9. Lovely, lovely pinks! Gorgeous china :) Everything is displayed so beautifully. Seems like Winter is here... even in S-E Qld!! We had a cold night (8°C), but looking forward to an awesome sunny day with a top of 22°C. Hugs♥ ~Pernilla

  10. Que bonito post, me he paseado por tu bloc y me ha encantado, te invito a ver el mio, estamos celebrando el dia de la madre, y si te gusta y no eres seguidora espero que te hagas ahora, gracias por visitarme. FELIZ DIA DE LA MADRE💐

  11. Beautiful and what a fun collection... minus the cleaning . :-P

    I need to organize my office area and group pretty pinks together like your did. Thanks for the inspiration! And thank you for stopping by my blog!

  12. Your photos may be old toyou, but they are new to me and your china is simply charming. It looks lovely together in the arrangements you have made.


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