Sunday, September 23, 2012

~Busy, Busy, Busy~

I am very neglectful when it comes to this blog.  There just isnt enough hours in a week and now that spring has sprung there are even less as the garden needs its weekly dose of love also to get it back to its former glory.
I became a nanna last sons fiancee' gave birth to a cute baby boy, 7lb 10oz and they have called him Chase Tatum.  Sadly though I will not see him much as my soon to be daughter inlaw does not like me and my son will do anything to keep her happy.  
My daughter moved out last weekend also and that has left a huge hole in my life...I am missing her terribly...she was my partner in confidant, my friend and my headache at times also.  I am missing her laughter and warped sense of humor.  She needed to move out for a lot of reason but mostly for her job as works in the city and we live and hour and a half out of the city and it was making for a long day so now it is only a 20 minute drive for her.  She also needed to stand on her own two feet (she is 22) as I was doing everything for her (cooking, cleaning etc).  I finally had the courage yesterday to clean out the last few things from her room and it was hard knowing she wont be back in there but she is happy and loving her new found independence so I am happy for her.
I am hoping to maybe turn her room into a sewing/craft room as my poor machines have been stored away in the shed since we moved to this house but I have been busy doing some crochet which I might add I haven't done since before my daughter was born (22 years ago).  I miss sewing but I am not game to change her room atm in case she ends up back home.

I have also stopped selling on my fb page ~ShAbBy PrIm DeLiGhTs~for the moment as I just dont have the time to maintain it at present so now my fb page is just a place I share my love of shabby images.  My house is still over flowing so I am having a garage sale with a friend of mine at Roseworthy next month so hopefully I can clear some of my wonderful treasures there. 

                         I dont know who painted this but I do love the shabby colours                           

Hope you find that elusive treasure you have been hunting for .....



  1. Hi Michelle it is a pity your soon to be DIL doesn't like you hopefully she will change her mind. Please don't forget to tell when you are having your garage sale I will be there in a flash haha I am just up the road. Take care Oh and I liked the wholesale gifts page on FB.

    1. Hi Shirl....I will be sure to post on my fb page when we have the garage sale so keep an eye out. Will probably be Nov. now as we both have commitnments through the month.

  2. Hello There,
    This blog is so, so lovely! All of the pictures are so pretty and one-of-a-kind. I love it all to pieces! I have just started selling English china on etsy:

    So if you are ever in need in some more beautiful bits and bobs have a hop over there. We are adding new pieces every week!
    I hope you have a good day.


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