Saturday, May 5, 2012

~Pink Saturday Market Finds~

~Finally got motivated early last Sunday and headed off to the local Markets.  They are not very big ..maybe 30 stalls tops consisting mostly of 2nd hand goods and a few produce stalls.  Found two beautiful unknown dish which appeals purely on its shape and colour-Pink of course and a rather ratty looking silver plated jug that was in need of a clean just so I could see how bad it was..but it was only a $1.00 so I had nothing to are my treasures....

~Last night I went to another market and found these two gorgeous new items at bargain prices~
Good week all round at the markets.
and dont forget to pop over and see Beverley @ How Sweet The Sound.
Our Lovely hostess.
~Perfume Bottle which looks like mercury glass~

~Glass Jar in rusty carrier~