Saturday, April 12, 2014

~Where does all the time go~

Life has been very hectic around here and not with any thing in particular but just everything. 
Its usually Sunday before I realised I have missed Pink Saturday, so this week I am writing on Friday so I don't miss out.  
I managed to get a little bit of sewing done today but I doubt I will be ready for a Mothers day Market I was planning on doing.  I may have to open a shop on my fb page ~ShAbBy PrIm DeLiGhTs~ instead.  
I have dragged in my old embroidery machine which I am embarrassed to admit has been in storage since 2005....only to discover all the software for it is on floppies and the instruction video on VHS.  Hopefully I can find everything for it online because I have totally forgotten how to use it.  
I will keep this short and sweet....thank you as always to the lovely Beverly from How Sweet The Sound for being hostess.  
Have a great weekend and a HAPPY PINK SATURDAY

~Some pretty fabrics I have been playing around with~

~Shabby Guest Towel~

~Guest Towels being packed for sale~

~Playing with more pretty fabrics~

~Meet Bernie my Bernina....fresh out of storage~

~Finally got her clanking away~

Saturday, March 29, 2014

~Pink Saturday Rained Out~

My whole photo shoot for Pink Saturday has been washed away by the rain.  We even have a barbecue planned tonight for dinner.  It was supposed to be 32 degrees (Celsius) here but doesn't look like it now.  Oh well at least my garden is going to love it.


Thank you Beverley for playing host from How Sweet The Sound.  

Sweet spoons made for me by Shabby Inspired

New shabby business cards

My washed out Garden

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

~Good bye Sweet Charlie~

It is with a heavy heart I had to say good bye to one of my beautiful fur babies today.  She as diagnosed with advanced Lymphatic cancer 3 weeks ago and while we hoped to have longer with her it was selfish of us and today I had her laid to rest.   Goodbye Charlie girl may you rest in peace finally.  I will always miss you.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

~Sewing Room~

Its been a busy couple of weeks.....totally missed Pink Saturday last week as I have been busy turning the spare room (was my daughters room) into my sewing room.  It has gone from its garish bright green, navy and white to pretty pink & white.  I also pulled out the carpets because they were beyond hope but a replacement flooring will have to wait until the budget allows (I know I will have to pull the room apart again)  Nothing creative has happened yet and there are still some touches to finish in there, but its taking shape nicely.
Thank you to Beverley from How Sweet The Sound for being our lovely host each week

~Sewing Room Before~

~This is my daughters favourite colour~

~Same wall four layers of paint later~

Thank you for stopping by............


Saturday, March 8, 2014

~A Pinky Past~

My week has been busy moving all my junk (err treasures) from the spare room as my daughter is moving back home for a while to get back on her feet.  My poor sewing room looks like a demolition site so nothing creative is happening in there for a while so this weeks pinks are ones I have posted in the past from around my home .  Thank you to Beverley from  How Sweet The Sound for being the pinkest host.


~Basket of Pink Hearts~

~Washing the China~

~Kitchen Dresser~

~Kitchen Pinks~

~Pink Bell Heart~

Saturday, March 1, 2014

~China Rearranging~

Changed a few of the china pieces around this week and took some photos to share....I have also have started water marking my images......mostly due to the fact they turn up everywhere and usually by about the time I spot them my link is long gone.  I love seeing my pictures turn up and it gives me a thrill to think my home and the things I make are good enough that other like them.  It is very humbling in many ways and I thought by at least watermarking them they will know where they come from.


Thank you to Beverley from How Sweet The Sound for hosting as always.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

~Paint Mine Pink~

Its a little cool here today....I think summer has just up and left.  I like each of the seasons, but usually by the end of them I am ready for the next.  The good thing about the cooler months is a get to do alot more sewing.  This week I made a sweet little ruffled market bag....thats not quite finished rosettes if thats what you can call them are just sitting there...I am not sure I am happy with them yet....I do not have much luck making them....they never look right to me....they always just look like a bit of fabric rolled up and then stuck on and called a rose.
  My op shop finds for the week are a sweet little  mannequin which is an actual candle holder that was yesterday black and today pink, and a gorgeous milk glass goblet only I am not sure it is a goblet as it has four ridges on the inside so if anyone knows what is was designed for I would love to know.
Thank you for dropping to by check out my pink pretties and thank you to the lovely Beverly from How Sweet The Sound. for being host as always

~Ruffled Market Bag~

~Just some blocks I have been working on.....also not finished~

~Sweet Pink Mannequin~

     ~Milk Glass Goblet?~           

                                                              ~Roses from my garden~